PART NO: *Atlas Zenith (Type 9) Frame

*Atlas Zenith (Type 9) Frame

Line Drawing

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Identify your part using this line drawing of the frame.

Locate a part on the hydraulic unit.
    1. AT Z-1401 Handle Frame - Call for price and availability
    2. AT Z-1401A Handle Assembly
    3. AT Z-1402 Pull Rod
    4. AT Z-1403 Support Base
    5. AT Z-1404 Screw
    6. AT Z-1405 Ball
    7. AT Z-1406 Spring
    8. AT Z-1407 Pin
    9. AT Z-1408 Screw
    10. AT Z-1409 Chain
    11. AT Z-1410 Pin
    12. AT Z-1411 Adjusting Screw
    13. AT Z-1412 Nut
    14. AT Z-1413 Washer
    15. AT Z-1414 Lock Washer
    16. AT Z-1201 Screw
    17. AT Z-1202 Washer
    18. AT Z-1203 Retainer
    19. AT Z-1204 Oiler
    20. AT Z-1205 Roll Pin
    21. AT Z-1206 Bell Crank - Call for price and availability
    22. AT Z-1207 Shoulder Bolt (NLA)
    23. AT Z-1208 Rod Pin (NLA)
    24. AT Z-1209 Clevis
    25. AT Z-1210 Snap Ring
    26. AT Z-1211 Bell Crank Axle
    27. AT Z-1212 Push Rod
    28. AT Z-1213 Push Rod Hex Nut - Call for price and availability
    29. AT Z-1215 Roll Pin
    30. AT Z-1216 Push Rod Pin
    31. AT Z-1217 Load Wheel Axle
    32. AT Z-1218 Roll Pin
    33. AT Z-1219 Pivot Axle
    34. AT Z-1220 Load Wheel Bracket
    35. AT Z-1221 Roll Pin
    36. AT Z-1222 Frame - Call for price and availability
    37. AT Z-1223 Snap Ring
    38. AT Z-1224 Spacer
    39. AT Z-1225 Dust Cover
    40. AT Z-1226 Bearing
    41. AT Z-1227 Load Roller Assembly
      GWK-ATZ-LW Load Roller Wheel Kit
    42. AT Z-1228 Lock Washer